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Pipeline solutions

ABB offers pipeline solutions for all the most important subsystems

ABB´s pipelines solutions help manage the movement of hydrocarbons through the world's pipelines, eliminating losses while raising the efficiency of operations and improving safety. Our automation solutions for telecommunications, remote data acquisition and control, process measurement and fieldbus, information management, leak detection and safety protection provide the pipeline owners improved profitability while enhancing the physical integrity of their systems. 

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Pipelines Management and Modelling

Pipeline management & modelling are tailored to client-specific needs and are compatible across the enterprise. Design and engineering is efficient and precise. Solutions are well tested and come with the ABB reputation for high execution quality. Throughout all aspects of the project and through the solutions' life-cycle ABB provides development and delivery, service and support, installation, maintenance and upgrading with an uncompromising adherence to excellence. Additionally, solutions and modules have the backing of ABB's world-wide support organization. 

Solution features

  • According to customers' specific requirements, ABB selects the appropriate components and combines them to form a customized system solution. The wide variety of subsystems in the stations are integrated, including flow measurement equipment, tank measurement systems, systems ranging from simple pump control to complex automation systems, as well as stand-alone systems for process control in a compressor station. 

  • Standard components, modular technology, parameter control and object-oriented libraries allow the delivery of affordable standard solutions tailored to the customer's specificiations. At the same time, this design enhances the overall reliability of the system.

  • Project execution is accomplished on the Project Task Force Management Principle.

Compressors and pumping stations

ABB offers automation solutions for both pump and compressor stations. Automation solutions consist of software and hardware. Applications include engineering tools and automation functions (such as are found under IEC 1131-3). For compressor systems, compressor optimization modules are also available.

Hardware includes medium to large sized I/O's (typically 1,000) for SCADA, redundant CPU, remote I/O's and integration of IED's via MODBUS or PROFIBUS.

Communications can be engineered for LAN, WAN, ISDN. Remote transmission follows IEC 870-5. Redundant, multi-host and backup lines can also be emplaced.

A typical solution might involve transmission of pertinent pump (or compressor), filter, cooler, valve, actuator and indicator operating data from the pump or compressor station along with valve data from auxiliary valve stations to a station SCADA system from which they would be relayed to a central SCADA.

The advantage of such systems are: the availability of real-time data from even remote stations to central control, allowing for quick response to abnormal situations and also for a real-time overview of system performance, optimization of individual component performances, such as for pump, compressors and valves at a local level -- and also the possibility of modifying to enhance performance for the overall system. 

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