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Oil & Gas and Chemicals

Midstream and transportation

Are you looking for solutions for safe, reliable and efficient operations?

We have extensive experience of the transportation of oil and gas from well head to refinery. This involves purification, compression, liquefaction, and in the case of Oil and Gas pipelines, a network of
compressors and pumping stations. The flow of the oil or gas processing has to be monitored and measured, which calls for sophisticated sensors and automated software. And everything has to be
powered, often over vast distances.

ABB specialises in electrification and automation, and also acts as an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor. We offer a full range of solution: managing the entire system as it passes through terminals and storage, cargo tankers and pipelines. We do so in a way that ensures the health and safety of all involved, and meets both environmental regulations and your needs.


Our offering


Our pipeline scope of supply covers everything from automation to EPC, including pipeline stations, instrumentation, telecom and project-specific applications.

ABB can coordinate the supply chain for pipelines that cross countries, replacing numerous contractors with a single EPC - a standardized approach for complete project execution.

ABB solutions for oil and gas pipeline automation include monitoring and management of block valve stations, pump stations, tank farms in liquid applications and compressing, reducing and metering stations in gas applications.

We guarantee data integrity and multiple paths for data communication. This significantly increases the availability of the system, drastically reducing your downtime.

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Gas processing

ABB designs automation systems for all types of gas plant operations, from wellhead to treatment centers. This involves:

- Injecting gas and fluid into the ground to increase pressure in a reservoir
- The “gathering” systems that collect wet natural gas from the wellheads and transport it to processing plants
- Three-phase separation, which divides the well fluid into oil, gas and water.
- The “fractionation” of the gas into its different chemical forms, such as propane and butane
- The conversion of gas to liquid, and liquid to gas.

Compressors and pumping stations

ABB covers all activities related to the core application of oil and gas transportation. In fact, for pipeline compressor/ pumping stations, we offer solutions suitable to your individual needs: compressors or pumps coupled to gas turbines,electrical motors with variable speed drives or diesel/gas engines.  

Inside or outside EPC scope of supply, ABB can provide compressor/pumping station control based on System 800xA, our scalable technology platform and architecture. The 800xA provides a common set of engineering, operation and maintenance tools to meet all plant automation needs. Electrical solutions for power distribution, energy management, and motors/drives for electrically-driven pumping/compressors strings are fully integrated with this technology platform.

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Terminals and storage

Terminal and storage management should interact seamlessly with hydrocarbon production and transportation. Specifically, midstream requires primary distribution of crude and gas to oil and gas tankers, refineries and gas plants, feeding secondary gas distribution. 

Liquefied natural gas

ABB designs and builds solutions for every aspect of the LNG value chain. This includes the extraction of the gas, its liquefaction and shipping, its re-gasification when it reaches a terminal, and its delivery to the end user by pipeline. In particular, we provide a wide range of solutions that integrate process engineering and our electrical/automation capabilities. These include:
  • The conversion of gas to liquid and liquid to gas
  • The design and installation of automation and power management systems for plants
  • The installation of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for gas pipelines. These automate the operation of the system, and also allow engineers to see what’s happening along the pipeline and intervene if necessary
  • Plant electrification
  • Rotating machine electrical solutions and controls for the compressors of liquefaction plant cooling systems
  • The EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) of re-gasification terminals and their connected pipelines

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Cargo tankers

The sea-borne transport industry continues to grow, creating a need for bigger and faster vessels. Coupled with the rise in fuel costs and regulatory changes, this has brought energy efficiency into focus in the cargo segment. Our advanced technologies can help you reduce fuel costs and lower emissions across your operations.

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