ABB successfully replaces Terminal Management System at CLC in Portugal without interruptions in operations

In October 2020, ABB Spain has completed the replacement of the Terminal Management System at the Oil and Gas terminal owned by Companhia Logística de Combustíveis S.A (CLC) in Aveiras da Cima, Portugal.

Companhia Logística de Combustíveis S.A (CLC) facility in Aveiras da Cima, Portugal, is a strategic installation. This includes a pipeline and terminal that transports, stores and distributes oil and gas to more than three million people in the wide central region of the country.

Companhia Logística de Combustíveis S.A (CLC) in Aveiras da Cima, Portugal.
Companhia Logística de Combustíveis S.A (CLC) in Aveiras da Cima, Portugal.

To enable safe, smart and sustainable operations, ABB has been selected by CLC to replace the current terminal management system. The migration to ABB Terminal Management solution T-MAC Plus has been successfully completed in October 2020. The new system integrates in one platform existing third-party control systems, installed field devices such as weighing stations and flow computers, along with its ERP solution.

The scope of supply includes both hardware and software. From a hardware perspective, the system includes redundant servers for data base, operator and engineering workstations, card readers for driver and truck identification.

From a software point of view, ABB T-MAC Plus has been provided, including  main functionalities like access control for trucks and drivers at entry gate and exit gate, integrating card readers; product loading sequence, including the integration with existing presets and card readers at loading bay. On top of these, additional functionalities like truck weighing, documentation required for transportation, reports generation, product inventory and balance and ERP interface have also been included in the solution.

To perform different operations, T-MAC Plus integrates and supervises existing control systems.  Information from meters and field elements are displayed at the operator workstations together with electrical signals, that are connected to an existing dedicated control system.

The new terminal management system is efficient and scalable, with the ability to help to meet any future functionality or asset integration needs.

CLC’s Project Manager, Ana Rocha said: “ABB AbilityTM System 800xA and T-MAC Plus guarantee high flexibility and customization potential to meet our terminal requirements. In addition, ABB technologies and competences during project execution were key factors to ensure a smooth integration with our third-party process control, safety systems and fire & gas automation devices, as well as between T-MAC Plus and our logistics business System”.

This project represents an important milestone in the automation of CLC Oil and Gas Terminal with 32 tanks, 14 LPG spheres and 15 multiproduct loading bays.

“ABB has fully met CLC expectations. Our team’s collaboration during the project execution and the great performance of ABB Terminal Management system ensured a successful replacement without interruptions in operations”, added Ana Rocha from CLC.


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