Deep thoughts

What are the challenges of the deep?
” Remoteness, cost and difficulty in replacing or servicing parts makes equipment reliability the number one challenge when operating at 3,000 meters. Electronics and existing industrial products need to be re-designed. Electronic modules must meet the highest leakage requirements while the internal chassis and assemblies must have incredible thermal properties to remove heat from the electronic components to increase lifetime.”

What technology are you developing?
“We are developing subsea control and protection systems using several subsea electronic modules, high end penetrators and lots of condition monitoring sensors and high-speed optical communication, between subsea units and topside.”

What ground-breaking engineering techniques were applied to reach the solution?
“We have gone right down to testing single components and have created an entire library with ‘subsea approved’ components, as well as new and optimized design guidelines, which can then be used in electronic design.”


NameHenning Caillé Nesheim
PositionR&D Principal Engineer within subsea electronics and control systems 
LocationOslo, Norway
EducationM.Sc Electronics Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Reodor Prisen. National inventor-of-the-year prize (Innovation Norway)


What drives you personally?

“Exploring the unknown and creating new products in new areas. Challenging the conventional and improving existing technology and products. Finding innovative solutions to problems and challenges when using products in new ways and in new markets.”


Henning’s story:

“I modify equipment prototypes by conducting rounds of simulations, laboratory assessments (e.g. accelerated aging, vibration and shock testing) and water testing.”

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