Offshore Oil and Gas

Pioneering solutions: Subsea

Expanding capacity, extending lifespan and reducing cost for oil and gas fields

Unmanned Processing Platform (UPP): Krafla

Developing next generation autonomous oil & gas platforms

Digital partnership: OKEA

Contextualized data stream to the cloud


CAPEX & OPEX savings
through integrated automation, electrification and telecommunication


480.000 tons of CO2 yearly
through electrification at Troll A platform


Our offshore segments

Our integrated electrical, automation and telecommunication approach, backed by extensive service and digital capabilities, allows our customers to execute projects, sometimes in very remote locations. We can optimize production and costs through the life of the asset. From floating production units to subsea, ABB can provide innovative, next-generation solutions to help you improve uptime and operational efficiency. 

The world is changing at an incredible pace. And our industry is changing right along with it. So it’s never been more important for us to adapt. 

For a capital project to thrive in today’s environment, it needs a fresh approach. ABB Adaptive Execution™ integrates expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings and proven methodologies into a more evolved, sustainable end-to-end solution. 

Our solutions

Solution highlights

50 + years of experience in oil and gas

Aasta Hansten

Ability™ technology reducing manual interventions by 98 %

Marlim 2

Complete electrical, control and telecommunication solutions to drive efficiency and productivity 


ABBEnergyIndustries @ABB_Energy

ABB is partnering up with industry leaders in for sustainable water innovation and evolution at this years Global W…

ABB your partner for offshore facilities to secure higher efficiency, low carbon footprint, safe and profitable operations in the  energy transition.

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