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Subsea variable speed drive successfully tested under water: Test simulated harsh water environment to subsea variable speed drive (VSD) and proves reliability of concept as Joint Industry Project team pushes boundaries of traditional product development.


ABB and Aker Solutions join forces to build on their combined strengths in subsea, power and automation technologies to develop solutions that will improve oil and gas production for the global energy industry.


ABB launches subsea measurement products to help the oil and gas industry explore deeper water for new reserves.


ABB enters 5 year 100 MUSD Joint Industry Program with Statoil and two other oil & gas companies to develop the next generation of subsea power systems.


ABB awarded contract to provide subsea power solution to Gullfaks WGC field. ABB will provide the subsea transformer, topside drives and transformer.

Photo from Aker Solutions

ABB awarded contract from Statoil to provide the world's first subsea gas compression system to Åsgard gas field.


ABB joined Statoil in an extensive qualification program for the electrical system that powers subsea gas compressors through a 43 kilometer subsea cable from the variable speed drive on the FPSO for Åsgard gas field.


ABB delivers the world's most powerful subsea transformer at 20MVA, qualified for depths of 1000 meters, for the Ormen Lange gas field.


ABB delivers subsea electrical system with a 31km tie-back to Tyrihans gas field. ABB's systems power and control a 2.5 megawatt raw seawater injection pump from a topside placed variable speed drive, a world record at the time.


ABB delivers electricity through a DC (direct current) link originating 70 km away on land to a gas platform in the North Sea, helping avoid annual emissions of 230,000 tons of CO2 and 230 tons of NOX.


ABB launches Subsea Electrical Power Distribution System (SEPDIS™), the first subsea frequency converter in the world.


ABB is the first supplier in the world to provide a commercial subsea transformer. First commerical subsea transformer installed in 1998.


ABB enters the subsea industry in 1980

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