Oil and Gas

Subsea Power Substation

New innovations for subsea variable speed drives, switchgear, auxiliary systems and control and protection to sit on the seabed.

Today, oil and gas processing and power supply are based on installations on platforms or floaters. This topside set-up not only impacts the environment, but also needs many cables for power transmission and distribution, and requires strict human safety procedures. Besides, this set-up limits step-out distance.

For reservoirs with long step-out distance, powering the subsea factories is not an easy task. With ABB’s new subsea AC solution, the power can be supplied up to 200 kilometers from shore with just one cable using standard 50/60 Hz solutions. Using low frequency AC solutions can increase the step out distance to around 600 kilometers, with power up to 100 MW output to support the subsea pump and compressor the seabed. With the powerful electrical source, the factories on the seabed will achieve stable production, extending the feasibility of the field.

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