ABB Care for energy industries

Providing support for life

We help you care for your people, your systems and your investments in a way that allows you to focus on what you do best, with no-hassle service to suit your business needs

ABB Care framework

ABB Care is a framework that provides customizable service levels with optional packages for all types of users in the energy industries. It simplifies service delivery to control costs, extend asset life and enhance functionality for your automation and electrical assets.

Your Care agreement is your single-point gateway to automation and electrical service across your entire operation. We simplify both our relationship and the delivery of services with your custom Care contract and provide you with exactly the right level of service coverage throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

From the Self Maintainer to Traditional Service Users to Corporate Customers. We will take care of you and provide support for life.

Choose how we Care for you

You can choose from our carefully crafted Care levels and amend each with optional upgrades to fit your specific operation. ABB Care is a service solution that can help you maintain your assets and processes as they evolve and grow over time. ABB Care has four levels: 

Self Service

For the self-maintainer, you can streamline your maintenance activities and achieve peace of mind with the Self Service level of Care.

Self Service level grants access to powerful tools, validated software and security patches and on demand technical support.

Self Service Care customers get access to tools, technical support and software maintenance for the user with resources to maintain their automation and electrical assets themselves


If uptime is critical to you, the Priority level will help keep your systems current and support proactive maintenance strategies.

Expedited call back time (1 hour), basic system recovery strategy and software upgrades provide maximum equipment uptime.

Priority Care customers get additional access to technical support and diagnostic reports with enhanced software maintenance to enable upgrades to latest software versions. Cyber security patch delivery is also included for increased security and peace of mind


The Collaborative level of Care will help you get to the most recent technology and leverage new features to increase operating and maintenance efficiency.

Enhanced services and knowledge base to ensure the control system is up to date and secure with the latest available technology to extend system life.

Collaborative Care customers get options for evolution from heritage systems to System 800xA or S+, enhanced diagnostic reporting and system assessments with strategy planning and automated patch deployment services for a proactive support approach

Complete Service

If you don’t want to worry about lifecycle issues, the Complete Service level ensures comprehensive lifecycle planning to optimize maintenance costs.

Long term service partnership with a dedicated support manager, focused on lifecycle planning, integrated service delivery and a customized support model.

Complete Service Care customers receive an all inclusive Care contract with dedicated support manager, lifecycle assessment and long term planning with remote access for system monitoring and patch deployment for those who prefer a long term partnership approach to caring for their automation and electrical assets

Enhance how we Care for you

If your priority is knowing more about your asset health, asset monitoring and remote access can be added to your base agreement. Or if you need extra peace of mind with on-site support, mobilization to site or a resident engineer can provide service with boots on the ground.

No matter your top priority, we help you leverage your evolved products as they grow over time, providing support for life.

The following options are available to ensure
optimal Care for every customer:

  • Prepaid Service Hour package
  • 3rd Party Software Management
  • Remote Access
  • System Monitoring
  • Mobilization to Site
  • Emergency Call out Package
  • Resident Engineer
  • Training and Web Tech Talk access

As an option for lifecycle or digital enhancements to your contract, Lifecycle Solutions and ABB Ability Packages can be added to most Care agreements. Also, the Cyber Security package can be added to any Care agreement.

Benefits of signing a Care contract

  • You’re always patched and ready to go with software maintenance programs
  • Whenever you need help, we’re there to care for you with unlimited phone support with as low as
    1-hour response time
  • Save money with special Care-only pricing and offers throughout the year via access to loyalty offers and myABB (including MyControlSystem)

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  •  Single point of contact for service from ABB
  • Annual costs with greater cost predictability
  • Worry-free asset and software maintenance
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