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ABB maintenance and field services reduce costly downtime and maximize the performance of your equipment.

Our global service team, trained and certified in the latest diagnostic, repair and maintenance practices, ensure high value for your electrical, telecommunications and automation investment.

We know that the key to providing world-class service is both to respond quickly and to provide better solutions than can be found elsewhere. The way we achieve this is through the ABB ServicePro™ Service Management System.

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Equipment Libraries

ABB’s ServicePro is an interactive software solution featuring ABB’s best maintenance practices for improved reliability, increased return on assets and consistent service compliance throughout your equipment lifecycle.

ServicePro is included as a central part of ABB service agreements to ensure world-class maintenance with measurable results.

ABB ServicePro is equipped with libraries of best service practices for ABB equipment and ABB-automated processes, so service engineers can consistently deliver high-quality service no matter where they are in the world.

Internet synchronization to the ABB Master Knowledge Base Library updates the latest revisions to the library, including new and improved preventive maintenance work orders.

ServicePro empowers ABB service personnel to develop and evolve high-quality service procedures. Those procedures are documented, collected, integrated and then deployed to make them available globally for continuous improvement at every facility that uses ServicePro.

ServicePro Mobile

Easy-to-use service delivery application available for the Apple iOS operating system.

Enhance your ABB ServicePro experience with ServicePro Mobile for iOS. Log time and document service activity right from the point of delivery while ensuring your ABB investments are serviced according to the latest world-class best practices.

ServicePro Mobile allows quick delivery and documentation of all ABB services regardless of configuration level or service type:

  • Demand services: easily document service activity and log hours
  • Project services: update project activity and track hours to ensure that services are on schedule and within budget
  • Contract services: generate preventive maintenance best practices associated with a piece of equipment, document service activity and log hours 
  • Fully supports offline use
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Small form factor
  • Includes equipment service history
  • QR code-enabled
  • Ability to view and update parts inventory in real time
  • Handles multiple types of work orders and service requests


  • Reduces time and increases accuracy for service activity entry
  • Streamlines workflow process
  • Connects directly to ABB master library
  • Allows for the addition of and visibility to on-site inventory
  • Reduces invoice cycle time
  • Improves troubleshooting with immediate access to equipment service history
  • Provides quick access to service requirements

ServicePro has functionality that helps to drive safety initiatives and support safety fundamentals by integrating them into daily work activities. Safety hazards are unsafe acts and/or unsafe conditions that, if not corrected, have the potential to cause harm and injuries, illness, and/or damage to material, property and environment.

Serious incidents are often preceded by minor incidents, unsafe behaviors, situations that were never addressed, even more, never noticed and reported.

"Stop Take 5" in ServicePro

A contributor to safety incidents is our behavior when working. Before working, we must identify hidden hazards. The “Stop Take 5” process asks us to stop and think before we act. Evidence shows that this will help protect us. "Stop Take 5" checklists are now integrated in the ServicePro Service Management System work orders.

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