Control Builder

You are gaining engineering productivity as there is only one tool covering the entire range of AC500 PLCs, from the compact AC500-eCo, the scalable AC500 including the safety PLC to the high availability and extreme conditions variants. As it is based on IEC61131-3 and various standard fieldbus options are included, you will experience more freedom in designing your application.


  • Easy and fast programming in all IEC61131-3 languages plus CFC.
  • Create function blocks from C code.
  • Parameterization of all PLC I/O, network and fieldbus modules with specific device editors.
  • Diagnostics is set up automatically for online monitoring of inputs and outputs.
  • Debugging & diagnostics with multiple, comprehensive watch lists.
  • Recipe management provides rapid factory or machine adaptation to changing customer and market requirements.
  • Multiple PLCs in the same project are supported.
  • Multiple software download to hundreds of PLCs possible.
  • All AC500 communication protocols can be configured – including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SNTP, DHCP, DNS, PING, IEC60870-5, SQL and also socket programming.
  • Third party devices can be integrated on fieldbus and industrial Ethernet using electronic device descriptors.
  • Data exchange with third party tools via CSV import/export.
  • Extensive programming libraries are included. Optional application libraries are available.
  • With the help of the integrated visualization you can conveniently create web-based HMI screens.
  • The option PS541-HMI allows you to create also stand-alone visualization applications for your PC.

Automation Builder contains AC500 Engineering. AC500 Engineering covers the configuration, programming, debugging and diagnostics for ABB’s AC500 PLC platform. The AC500 Engineering is successor of the former Control Builder.

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