DigiVis 500

DigiVis 500 is the supervision software suitable for ABB's AC500 PLC series. These products are in obsolete state. Please check the respective life-cycle documents under “product update” for further information.

DigiVis 500, the HMI visualization software suite for ABB's AC500 PLC series, provides the Graphics Builder for engineering as well as Operations, the runtime component.

Graphics Builder  

  • DigiVis 500 Graphics Builder is the configuration tool.
  • It is the perfect tool for mapping AC500 PLC data (coming via the AC500 OPC server) to DigiVis 500 OPC tags / variables and developing consistent graphic displays and associated system displays.

  • DigiVis 500 Operations is the runtime component of this HMI visualization software suite.
  • It runs on common personal computers and is based on Microsoft Windows as a graphical user interface.
  • DigiVis 500 Operations enhances the ease of use and the performance of process operation by providing ready-made faceplates for commonly used AC500 function blocks and several other system pages like Trends, Alarm Lists, Group Display etc.

  • The relevant license will enable the PC platform for the usage of the engineering package, the runtime, some additional features or a combination of them.

  • Each of the PCs that shall be used for DigiVis 500 has to be installed with an USB dongle as well as the relevant license or a set of licenses.


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