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AC500-eCo - Accessories

A broad set of accessories rounds off the benefits of the compact AC500-eCo range. ABB’s AC500-eCo offers a host of accessories enabling you to implement your application economically and in time. With the AC500-eCo Starter kits you can familiarize yourself with ABB’s AC500 PLC range and the engineering tool within a very short time.

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AC500-eCo V2 fast overview

The accessories span from real-time clock module to memory card adapter, serial interface, screw mounting accessories and spare parts. The TK506 isolator extends the communication distance of the AC500-eCo CPU’s serial interface COM1.

The terminal blocks for V2 CPUs and S500-eCo I/O modules are identical. Customers can choose between three types of terminal blocks.

Accessories AC500-eCo V2Description
TA563, TA564, TA565

Terminal blocks for V2 CPUs and S500-eCo I/O modules

(screw front/cable side or screw front/cable front or spring front/cable front)

MC502Memory card
MC503Memory card adapter
TA561-RTCAdapter with Real Time Clock
TA562-RSAdapter with COM2
TA562-RS-RTCAdapter with COM2 and Real Time Clock
TA566Wall mounting accessory
TA570Set of accessories (covers, terminal blocks for power and COM2)
TA571-SIMDigital input simulator
TK503COM1 USB programming cable
TK504COM2 USB programming cable
TK506RS485 isolator
TA574AC500-eCo V2 Starter kit – learn how to connect and setup the components and how to program the PLC


AC500-eCo V3 fast overview

The accessories span from option boards for digital and analog I/Os to serial interface, KNX addressing accessory, cable fixing adapter and screw mounting accessory. The option board gives the user a unique opportunity to add features easily and in a cost-efficient way without increasing the footprint of the system.

Up to three option boards can be used on one CPU, depending on CPU type. All option boards are delivered with spring terminal blocks.

Two types of terminal blocks are available for the CPU onboard I/O.

Accessories AC500-eCo V3Description
TA5211, TA5212

Terminal blocks for V3 CPUs

(screw front/cable side or spring front/cable front)

MC5102Micro memory card
TA543Screw mounting accessory
TA5300Option board cover
TA5301Cable binding pluggable accessory
TA5400Input simulator
TA5101Option board digital input 4DI
TA5105Option board digital output 4DO
TA5110Option board digital input/output 2DI 2DO
TA5120Option board for analog input 2AI*
TA5122Option board for analog input 2AI thermocouple*
TA5123Option board for analog input 2AI RTD*
TA5126Option board for analog output 2AO*
TA5141Option board for serial communication RS232
TA5142Option boards for serial communication RS485
TA5130Option board for communication address setting - KNX address switch
TA5131Option board for Real Time Clock (only for Basic CPU)
TA5220Spare parts for option boards (terminal blocks)
TA5415, TA5426AC500-eCo V3 Starter kits - learn how to connect and setup the components and how to program the PLC

        * in preparation 


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