Grab Ship Unloader automation

Current design of the ship unloader drives for larger cranes and increased speed to reduce the operational cost and to improve productivity. Automation for Grab Ship Unloaders (GSU) plays the key role in reaching the desired productivity. Already more than 200 GSUs worldwide are equipped with ABB’s automation system.

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Larger cranes and higher speed require high operating skills. The GSU automation system from ABB enables safe, reliable and efficient bulk cargo handling and supports the operator throughout the cycle. The automation system allows higher speed and steady pace of the grab, which increases productivity. It runs the crane smoothly, which in turn reduces wear and tear as well as mechanical shock. This reduces the maintenance cost. The automation system also reduces operator fatigue and allows the operators to perform better through his shift.

ABB Grab Ship Unloader Automation System consists of the following functions:

  • Grab sway control in hatch and flying unloading over hopper
  • Grab Control during closing, hoisting up and down
  • Grab path optimization
  • Hatch and material scanning for intelligent automatic ship unloading

Along with the GSU automation system ABB provides Crane Electrical Maintenance Training Unit for maintenance personnel. With the training unit maintenance personnel can for instance learn the electrical control system, including handling of the software downloads and using fault tracing software and hardware.

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