Stacker / Reclaimer automation

Automated and unmanned Stacker/Reclaimer operations improve performance and make working environment more human friendly, especially at the stockyards where larger material quantities than before are handled due to increased port and ship unloading crane size.

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Stockyards where materials like iron ore and coal are handled are harsh working environments for humans. Especially, sealed stockyards, which aim to reduce dust pollution, present even harder working environment for humans. ABB’s Stacker/Reclaimer automation system offers the required capacity and flexibility for stockyard operations and improves the working environment for Stacker/Reclaimer operators.

ABB's stacker/reclaimer automation system:

  • enables steady stacking/reclaiming operations
  • enables 24/7 stockyard operations even in foggy whether
  • facilitates stockyard management by providing a precise stockpile model based on scanning by a 3D Target Position Sensor, specially designed for harsh environments
  • positions the gantry and bucket wheel with help of GPS for precise control of stacking/reclaiming position.
  • optimizes the stacking/reclaiming performance based on stockpile model and positioning of the gantry & bucket wheel for precise control of stacking/reclaiming path.
  • reduces mechanical shock, wear and tear resulting in lower maintenance cost and longer equipment life time.
  • reduces operator fatigue and improves working environment by combining automation with remote operation from a centralized control room.

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