Automated tractor identification system

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The unique MatchMaker Tractor identification system automatically identifies container transport vehicles, for instance tractors, as they exchange containers with container handling equipment in the yard. This confirmation or “match” at key points of work in the terminal enables work instructions to be transmitted to the driver in real time providing a significant increase in productivity, efficiency and inventory accuracy, while reducing resource requirements, vehicle waiting time and congestion in the container yard.

The ABB Tractor identification system is designed for use on most container handling equipment including an STS crane, RTG/RMG, top loader. It utilizes proven OCR camera technology to identify low-cost 2-D optical tags applied to the top, sides and even windshield of the tractor. Unlike GPS and RFID systems that are expensive to install and maintain and struggle to operate consistently within a dense container yard, MatchMaker delivers consistent performance with high accuracy, and provides significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Although the system has guaranteed recognition accuracy, each tag contains a human readable number, which allows any missed reads to be remotely corrected in real time. This unique visual exception handling capability ensures terminal operations have visibility to all transactions.

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