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Crane OCR


Highly accurate identification of containers being handled by STS Cranes is an integral part of highly productive vessel operations, especially within automated terminals. Automated OCR on cranes is proven to improve safety by relocating personnel from dangerous working locations.

The Crane OCR System automates the process of manually verifying ISO containers loaded and discharged from dockside ship-to-shore (STS) gantry cranes. Deployed on over 150 cranes since 2002, the system provides near 100% accuracy and unequalled reliability and redundancy.

Crane OCR is a clear mandate for automated terminal operations. But even for manual terminals looking to increase productivity and safety, the solution, when combined with MatchMaker (to identify transport/yard tractors at the cranes) enables the automatic release and confirmation of parking instructions and work orders from the TOS in real-time.

Terminal operators who have deployed Crane OCR have quickly realized savings and benefits including reduced data entry errors, lower man-power requirements and operating costs, and, most importantly, increased crane productivity.

ABB Crane OCR System enables:

  • Real time confirmation of load and discharge events
  • Automatic data entry; no personnel under the crane
  • Increased BAPLIE accuracy
  • Automated handoff of container to and from tractor/AGV/shuttle and ground
  • Increased productivity of vessel operations
  • 100% remote control of system and management of operational exceptions
  • Recording of PLC data and container weights
  • ROI in as little as 3 months

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