Gate automation

ABB's Gate automation system captures information on containers, trailers and chassis entering and exiting a truck gate, significantly increasing gate throughput without expansion or more personnel. 

Faster gate operation reduces congestion and improves traffic flow, which in turn can promote reduced emissions. Centralized administrative operations from a control room eliminates the risk of accidents in the lanes, creating a safer work environment. Automating the processing of containers and equipment into and out of the terminal makes container facilities safer, greener and more productive.

The ABB Gate system enables:

  • Automatic data capture of equipment entering and exiting terminals
  • Automated driver identification 
  • Remote communication to each lane
  • Integrated security and access control
  • Seamless integration with TOS
  • Remote centralized management of operational exceptions

  • Increased terminal throughput/productivity
  • Improved data quality 
  • Improved safety moving personnel away from the lanes
  • Reduced operational cost

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