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Truck gate automation

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Automated validation and control of people and equipment moving into, out of and within a container facility drives productivity, security and safety of operations.

Automating gate operations makes container facilities safer, greener and more productive. ABB’s Automated gate system increases gate throughput significantly measured in moves per hour without expansion or more personnel. As a result, the gate operating cost is considerably reduced. Faster gate operation reduces congestion which improves traffic flow, which in turn reduces emissions. People supervise and handle exceptions from a control room, which eliminates the risk of accidents in the lanes.

The ABB Automated gate system:

  • Adapts to any facility
  • Provides an OCR portal for automated identification of vehicles and equipment, including containers, chassis, license plates and HAZ/IMO labels
  • Enables high resolution damage inspection imaging
  • Provides a gate kiosk for automated driver identification and VoIP communication to each lane
  • Includes the Exception management system for remote exception handling
  • Provides security and access control integrated in the system
  • Integrates seamlessly with Host/Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)

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