Rail OCR and tracking systems

The ABB Rail OCR system automates the identification and tracking of containerized cargo that moves via the rail. The system is able to identify and track rail equipment and containers in a wide range of operational scenarios, such as marine container terminals with on-dock rail and intermodal terminals.

By combining OCR technology and advanced software with AI capability, the ABB system identifies, tracks and archives the image and equipment number information of a train’s rail wagons and its con-tainers. This data is collected and processed to produce fully automated container-to-railcar association and eliminates the need to manually perform train inventories upon train arrival. The TOS is notified of updates in real-time and provides final container position. In addition, the system can capture damage inspection images to enable verification of equipment condition and damage during arrival and departure.

ABB Rail OCR System enables:

  • Active Consist and/or expected inventory matching   
  • Improved data quality through automated container ID identification
  • Automated identification of railcar order and release of work instructions
  • Safety (no personnel on processing tracks)
  • Remote centralized management of operational exceptions
  • Increased productivity of rail operations

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