Adding the QuayPro module to ABB's Crane OCR increases productivity and safety by automating and digitalizing the cargo-handling process, as stow plans are remotely tracked and checked in real time. 

In a traditional set-up, dock clerks move around the terminal and ship to record information manually and prepare lists of instructions for the crane operators. QuayPro automatically tracks the location of containers discharged from and loaded to a vessel, delivering increased data quality and accurate BAPLIE files. 

Using business logic to adapt to changing conditions stow plans can be adjusted on the fly, reducing stops in the cargo-handling process and improving efficiency. QuayPro provides the crane operator with accurate, real-time overviews of the bay as well as updated visual and audio work instructions. 

QuayPro benefits terminal operations by providing:

  • Real-time verification of vessel cargo (the bay, row, and tier location of each container loaded or discharged by a quay crane).
  • Real-time display for crane driver showing the work to be completed in the bay and warning if work instructions are not followed.
  • Accurate stow plan of the vessel for the next port, speeding container handling and improving delivery time for customers.
  • Automated statistics of crane operations such as average move time, slowest move, and moves per hour (vessel, crane, etc.), as well as lost time/hook hang events.

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