Solutions for container terminal electrification

Cost-efficient and reliable electrification of container terminals from design to project execution – with ABB’s domain expertise on container terminals and power distribution in utility and industry applications.

ABB has the knowledge, products and systems for helping terminal operators to build cost-efficient and reliable infrastructure that allows the terminal’s operational targets to be met.

Terminal electrification solution content

  • Electrical system design based on the power requirements of the terminal, including selection of right type and size/capacity of main components and single line diagram of the system
  • Electrical system engineering, installation and commissioning and turnkey project delivery
  • Grid connection to the high voltage grid of the local power utility, including compliance studies
  • Complete power distribution system with crane distribution substations, reefer substations and building substations
  • Grid automation, including protection schemes compliant with the power utility requirements
  • Terminal lighting
  • Earthing and lightning protection system
  • Power supply pit
  • Electrical systems for the cranes and gate systems
  • SCADA system for monitoring and control of the entire power distribution system
  • Overall power management system for optimization of equipment utilization and energy costs
  • Training on managing and maintaining the terminal’s power distribution system
  • Support services such as preventive maintenance

Electrical infrastructure is the backbone of a modern container terminal. Given the increasing number of electrically powered equipment, reefer racks and other electrical consumers at a container handling facility, designing and building such infrastructure is a demanding task. Truly optimized electrical infrastructure requires deep knowledge about power distribution from system design to project execution. Such infrastructure plays an important role in successful terminal operation over time, and helps to achieve the set targets.

Using electrically powered equipment significantly reduces emissions and noise from a terminal, which improves the working environment for the people working in the terminal, and reduces the terminal’s impact on the surrounding community. Combined with shore-to-ship power connection the emissions of terminal operations can be reduced even further.

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