Extensions, upgrades and retrofits

Modernizations help terminals not only extend the lifetime of their assets but also improve efficiency and safety. Keeping your business moving with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime is ABB Port Service sole focus. Our global service offering includes value adding asset management services to optimize equipment performance, life-time and profitability. Whatever the system operation challenge is, we deliver an optimal solution.

Improvement and efficiency is vital to optimize performance and increase the lifespan with minimum downtime in a crane system. Let ABB asset management services move your business forward today.

Customer benefits
• Extended lifetime of the assets with low investment and fast ROI
• Turnkey projects with minimum impact on terminal's operations
• Improvement in productivity and efficiency of the equipment
• Higher level of safety
• Availability of spares and technical support
• Up-to-date IT systems with latest antivirus with option for remote diagnosis

We handle the entire retrofit project

Whether basic essential improvements, upgrades or extensions are required, we handle every phase of the retrofit project - from design and engineering, to manufacturing new and/or reconditioning existing equipment, to installation, commissioning and the training of staff.

Typical modernizations
  • DC to AC drive conversion
  • DC to DC upgrade
  • AC to AC upgrade
  • Drive system - using DCS800 or ACS800 or ACS880
  • Upgrade third-party cranes by removing existing system and installing ABB equipment (or keeping third-party PLC)

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