UNITROL® 1000 Flex System

UNITROL® 1000 FLEX Systems are prepackaged solutions for applications requiring single or dual channel controllers. All systems are fitted with UNITROL® 1020 FULL as a standard device, leveraging the best solution for optimum price and flexible project adjustment constraints.

Following rapid transition towards standard applications, the solution is gathering all features needed for an excitation system. The prepackaged solution allows you to design your excitation system in the most flexible and cost oriented way.

All versions are designed on a common mechanical basis with various options for IOs and supply modes.
The systems are available featuring single or dual channel UNITROL 1020 FULL devices.

By integrating the most complete product of ABB’s excitation portfolio, the standard system will be suited perfectly for integration into your control cabinets.

  • UNITROL 1020 FULL functionalities
  • All regulation types available: AVR/FCR/PF/ VAR/Limiters
  • Automatic synchronization
  • MODBUS TCP Communication
  • Rotating Diode Monitoring (RDM)
  • Reactive Load Sharing via RS48

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