Flame scanners

Primary target of the flame scanner is to alert operators about combustion instability situations potentially leading to the accumulation of unburned fuel and potential hazard for plant personnel.

ABB has developed various flame scanners designed for accurate detection and voting (flame on / flame off) of the burner flame, and for assessment of the flame quality and the temperature for a variety of fuels. Flame quality measurements based on flame strength levels are provided in either analog or standard digital formats for networking into a centralized plant control or SCADA system, where data can be analyzed to improve plant combustion effectiveness and thermal efficiency and to reduce support fuel consumption and lower emissions.

ABB offers two families of flame scanner products created specifically to cost-effectively fulfill the needs of either new green-field plants or upgrading aging flame detection systems:

  • UvisorTM SF810INT
  • UvisorTM FAU810

Both product lines include the same basic functionality and can interface to ABB’s advanced flame quality monitoring solutions.

Why ABB?

  • Mechanical solution available for all boiler and burner types
  • Wide tunability range to suit all fuel flames and boiler operation
  • High level of connectivity (Modbus and Profibus) for seamless integration in the plant control system
  • Explosion proof by design to withstand harsh environment


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Integrated flame scanners

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