Turbine control

ABB is an industry-leading provider of turbine control systems, delivering cost efficient and technologically advanced solutions designed to meet the needs of both retrofit and greenfield applications. Several turbine manufacturers around the world have established partnerships with ABB to offer their customers standardized turbine control systems based on ABB’s various DCS platform options. In addition, ABB also offers highly flexible and scalable systems for the retrofit market, including some of the industry’s most sophisticated and reliable turbine-specific modules for turbine protection and valve positioning. 

ABB’s turbine control DCS capability is complimented by a comprehensive set of mechanical and hydraulic upgrade options designed to improve the availability and performance of aging mechanical systems.  The mechanical options vary from basic single element upgrades (servos, LVDT’s, etc.) to full high pressure hydraulic retrofits.  

ABB turbine control systems include solutions for gas turbines, steam turbines (both utility and industrial), and hydro turbines. 

Why ABB?

  • Effective integration of plant controls and turbine controls based one single DCS platform
  • Cutting edge DCS and mechanical turbine specialized technology 
  • Established reputation and expertise automating all turbine types and all major manufacturers


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