Steam turbine control

ABB offers a comprehensive suite of steam turbine control solutions for utility and industrial applications. These solutions are field proven in the control of main steam turbines, boiler feed pumps and all types of industrial turbines including extraction and straight flow.  All control and protection functions (DCS and mechanical) are included in these solutions, providing users with safe, reliable and economical operation of their steam turbine regardless of brand, type or size.

Why ABB?

ABB is able to provide all required steam turbine control and protection functions utilizing the very same ABB DCS platform that controls the rest of the plant. The typical steam turbine functions implemented include governor control, turbine and generator protection, automatic startup, rotor stress evaluation, auxiliary control, valve management, condition monitoring, auto-synchronization, excitation, frequency control, extraction control, bypass control, unit control, etc.
  • Single vendor, tightly integrated and cost effective solution for all turbine functions
  • High speed governor (< 20 msecs)
  • Fully integrated SIL3 rated overspeed protection solution
  • Fully integrated SIL2 rated condition monitoring solution (vibration, eccentricity, differential expansion, etc)
  • Strong investment and focus on research and development of turbine specific technology



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