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Distribution of wind and other renewable power plants over large and remote areas requires remote monitoring and management of plants. Symphony Plus for Wind is a flexible and versitile automation solution for both plant and the fleet of plants, providing real time monitoring and control of the assets. For a single wind power plant, the system provides the necessary SCADA and control system to turn the plant into a reliable generation unit. It integrates the wind turbines together with the collector grid and the substation and any other equipment present in the plant such as capacitor banks, static compensators (STATCOM), energy storage or grid stabilization devices. Symphony Plus for Wind monitors these devices and coordinates their controls to optimze the power production and maximize the benefits from the assets, ensuring grid code compliance of the entire plant, at all times.

Loss minimization in the collector grid and maximization of power production taking into account turbine to turbine interaction (wake effect) make Symphony Plus for Wind the preffered system for those looking to maximize the benefits out of their assets. A powerful, real time optimization framework integrated into the automation system supports the control of wind power plants to be taken to the next level.

For a fleet of plants, Symphony Plus for Wind provides Remote management systems to remotely operate the entire fleet of plants. Dedicated applications for monitoring, diagnostics and fleet optimization and control are build on the SCADA system
Why ABB?

More than 6,500 systems installed and more than three decades of experience, make Symphony Plus one of the world`s largest installed bases of automation systems and ABB one of the leading providers of such technology. The system is now available also for renewable plants, including a wide range of applications for monitoring and control wind power plants and fleet of plants.

  • Leading automation solution combined with world class wind power expertize
  • Single point of monitoring and control for a wind farm
  • Maximum efficiency of the wind power plants owed to advanced control and optimization solutions

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