Fleet optimization

Optimize the power production of your generation fleet

One of the key features of Symhony Plus for Wind is the ability to optimize the power production of a single plant and a fleet of plants. OPTIMAX PowerFit , a powerful online dynamic optimization solution, connected directly to the automation network, allows for real time control and optimization of the plant production. Simple and intuitive engineering tools allow for defining the optimization problem according to project or customer needs. For single wind power plants, OPTIMAX PowerFit improves the efficiency of the plant by maximizing the power production considering wake effects or minimizing losses in the collector grid. For a fleet of plants, it ensures an operation that is always run at the economic best point, maximizing plant and fleet efficiency. It enables participation in secondary and tertiary control, intraday optimization and direct trading of renewable power. It supports the planned production of generation assets, enabling human operators to take a supervisory role. Moreover, OPTIMAX PowerFit helps integrate renewable generation into power systems, transforming them into a flexible and dispatchable source of energy.

Why ABB?

  • Experience, expertize and innovation are some of the pillars we stand on. ABB has been one of the pioneers in wind power, supplying products, systems and solutions to this industry for more than 30 years, in addition to being a global leader in automation. And Symphony Plus for Wind combines all of these in one system.
  • Leading automation solution combined with world class wind power
  • Plant performance analysis goes from high level KPIs to detailed life time and condition monitoring of components
  • Advanced sensing technologies used to provide more benefits to our customers



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