MPS Cockpit

Managing and optimizing the entire newspaper production process

MPS Cockpit is a planning, management and monitoring system for the entire newspaper production process from product definition to delivery across one or more printing sites.

MPS Cockpit applies the principles of lean manufacturing and optimizes the planning process by starting with the definition of the final product as delivered to the readers. Then the planning of its production is made. MPS Cockpit’s efficient use of planning templates means that a year’s production of a newspaper can be planned in two minutes with the possibility of adding further detail and precision at later dates.

The main advantages are immediately clear. There is a clear overview of the product and its production, and the production plans in the various departments are completely consistent. Planning conflicts and the resulting costs are avoided.

When the time for production comes, MPS Cockpit distributes the orders and planning data to the individual subprocesses such as the press and the mailroom.

The central position of MPS Cockpit, its interfaces to the production management systems of the individual subprocesses and the addition of copy counters at strategic points in the plant also make it a tool for monitoring the progress of the productions.

The integration with distribution, subscriber and other commercial systems opens a wide range of further possibilities for improving efficiency and reducing costs. MPS Cockpit takes newspaper production to a new level of automation.


  • Planning, management and monitoring of the entire production process from a single workplace
  • Allows the planning of the final product as delivered to the readers, including inserts
  • The use of templates means that a year’s production can be planned in minutes
  • Makes free production capacity visible across the entire process
  • Full functionality with one or more printing sites
  • Extensive optional interfaces couple commercial systems with production management


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