MPS InsertManager

Managing the sale, storage and distribution of inserts

Inserts, whether distributed directly or inserted into newspapers and magazines, are a very effective means of communication. In addition they are a valuable source of revenue. However, the whole insert process from acquisition through distribution becomes very complex as soon as several inserts need to be inserted in different regions. This is where MPS InsertManager takes over.

MPS InsertManager is a modular software solution that provides comprehensive support for the complete insertion process. It combines two worlds which often have conflicting goals: the sales and distribution oriented world on the one hand, and the technical production world on the other. MPS InsertManager is one single tool for the whole insert management workflow. The process visualization with graphics, tables and maps makes the entire process clear and understandable. Integration with commercial and production systems supports the use of lean manufacturing practices.


  • Single, central and simple order capture
  • Early information to all persons involved in the process
  • Avoids mistakes in planning, production and distribution
  • Transparent overview of free insert capacity, improved utilization of capacity
  • Price calculation, taking various factors into account, as early as the first enquiry
  • Automatic generation of the distribution overview;
  • Support for the highly demanding fine distribution of inserts in very small distribution zones
  • Use of geomarketing data to make sales zone properties more precise and minimize distribution losses
  • Clear overview of insert properties and storage locations
  • Goods-in and storage management for single or multiple sites
  • Easy generation of order confirmation including visualization of the sales zones covered by the order


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