MPS DistributionDataPlanner

Production and distribution of third party orders

The management of the distribution of third-party orders is a major challenge for even the best-organized printing houses. Various factors like the wide range of external customers, each with their own IT systems, and the numerous forms the distribution can take, combine to place high demands on all involved.

MPS DistributionDataPlanner is a solution for the global importing, entry and processing of various forms of distribution data for the production of third-party products. It eliminates the need for expensive interfaces or changes to existing systems. It cuts through the complexity and simplifies the whole process, increasing transparency, eliminating errors, and giving you additional flexibility to meet the needs of your customers.


  • Converts any CSV-based input data format (with addresses, drop points etc.) into a standard format suitable for the production systems
  • Handles all common forms of packing and distribution
  • Generates the required data for top sheets, delivery notes etc.
  • Includes option for bundle-building according to ZIP/postcode
  • Optional integration with MPS InsertManager for the handling of third-party inserts
  • Optional integration with MPS DeliveryPlanner for handling the transport and logistics

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