MPS Production

The press management and optimization system

MPS Production provides unparalleled functionality for managing printing presses and for optimizing the print process.

The functionality of MPS Production begins with the planning of the print product. The product specification can either be imported from an external system or created using MPS Production’s graphical product planner.

MPS Production includes a representation of the printing presses as installed at the relevant site. This means that the system is not only able to establish which products can be produced on these presses, but also what options are available for the productions themselves, what paper leads that can be used and how these productions can be optimized. It also includes an imposition generator and graphical imposition editor.

The greatest benefits of MPS Production for print quality are realized in the area of presetting the press. The combination of proven paper-lead or imposition-specific values for registers/compensators and web tension, that have been read back from the press, together with ink and water presetting with detailed calibration and speed dependent curves means that MPS Production brings major reductions in make-ready time and start-up waste. Significant cost savings result.

The benefits go on much longer. During and after completion of the newspaper printing the report functions within MPS Production provide the manager with detailed information about the course of the production, the materials used, changes made on the press etc. The data recorded during the production also be exported for detailed analysis in using additional tools such as MPS Inform, MPS Insight or the customer’s own data warehouse solution.

MPS Production has an extensive range of interfaces for integrating the print process with other processes like page planning, plate-making and newsprint handling.

Standard interfaces mean that MPS Production can be used not only with presses with ABB controls but also with press control systems from various other suppliers.


  • Sophisticated product planning system with full visualization and handling of multiple editions with support for global and local pages, forced panorama, multiple product sizes, shingling etc.
  • Validation of product design against capacity of the press
  • Product structure libraries based on restricted catalogs of production variants
  • Fast, dynamic imposition generator and graphical imposition editor
  • Extensive ink and water management functions and calibration curves
  • Optimized production variant selection for production sequences
  • Preset functions for all circumstances
  • Print run equalization function for balancing productions on multiple presses
  • Handling and visualization of content versions
  • Extensive reporting functions
  • Interfaces to plate-making, roll handling, mailroom etc.
  • Range of hardware configurations
  • Optional self-learning algorithm for ink curves
  • Online Production Viewer for production information on mobile devices


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