MPS Control Console

The operator's console for newspaper presses

For many years the ABB’s MPS Control Console has represented the state of the art for the operation of newspaper printing presses. The ergonomics, the specially designed keyboards and the software made operating the press as easy and error-free as possible.

Now ABB has introduced a new generation of the MPS Control Console with touchscreen control, taking press operation to a new level of comfort.


  • product-oriented display and operation
  • support for multiple inker and dampener types
  • comprehensive fault diagnosis and reporting
  • handling of multiple web widths
  • free assignment of console functions
  • motor-driven desk height adjustment
  • short access and response times
  • fast positioning through intelligent setpoint control
  • support functions for maintenance personnel
  • fast familiarization due to clearly structured self-explanatory displays
  • full graphic display
  • fast switching between displays
  • values in familiar units
  • optional fully integrated soft-proof viewer and standardized lighting

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