Soft-proof Viewer

An extension to the MPS Control Console

The soft-proof viewer provides the printer with a color image of the pages of the product currently being printed. The image displayed is selected automatically by the control console without any additional input from the printer being necessary — whichever page is currently selected on the console is displayed as a soft-proof.

The ABB soft-proof viewer is available in two different configurations.


This configuration uses a high-quality calibrated monitor and provides a true color soft-proof image. There are two possibilities for the selection of the ICC profile to be used. If MPS Production 5 is in use for the production planning, the ICC profile can be selected automatically based on the newsprint used for the relevant web and the inker type in use on the press. Alternatively the ICC profile can be selected manually from a user-defined list. 


This is a lower cost option for cases where the emphasis lies on checking that the correct page content is on the press in the right location rather than absolute color accuracy.


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