Italian waste-to-energy plant operator engages ABB to clear the air

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This long-time ABB customer went all-in with ABB to simplify maintenance, improve performance and reduce costs. Now ABB monitors and manages all emissions monitoring equipment for the operator on an enterprise level.


The customer wanted to:

  • Consolidate 13 service agreements (one for each facility) into one service agreement
  • Optimize contract management, remove inefficiencies and find cost-saving opportunities related to on-site labor and corrective visits
  • Rely on only one service provider to reduce time spent on time-consuming tasks that require technical, specialized knowledge
  • Actively monitor and manage equipment to prevent problems from arising.
  • Move to a planned upgrade cycle for assets with the aim of extending the product lifecycle and maximizing return on investment.


ABB consolidated the customer’s 13 agreements into one ABB Measurement Care agreement that also includes the digital ABB Ability™ remote condition monitoring service.

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices improves overall maintenance approach, re­duces emergency repairs, and increases the availabil­ity and accuracy of measurement data customers use to show compliance with environmental regula­tors.  


The comprehensive service agreement eliminates redundant administrative costs, improves its overall maintenance approach, reduces emergency repairs, and increases the availability and accuracy of measurement data the customer uses to show compliance with environmental regulations. All this while increasing the efficiency of the existing workforce, and catching and solving equipment problems before they can slow or halt operations.

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