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ABB at CERAWeek 2023

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Net Additions: Minimize Emissions

Today we are faced with an energy trilemma – ensuring energy security while allowing the energy transition to progress in an affordable way.

How do we navigate this?

Through Innovation. Through Collaboration. Through Technology. 

At ABB we believe we need to add as much capacity and diversity to our global energy mix, enabling existing hydrocarbon infrastructure to become more sustainable, while simultaneously  building efficiency into the operational models of new energy markets to bring down their associated costs and allow them to scale. 




Spotlight: Decarbonizing industry

By using the right technology, we can bring the decarbonization agenda into the heart of the hydrocarbons industry itself by making the oil and gas component of the energy mix as clean as possible, even as renewable sources of energy are still being developed. A key element of this is moving towards more autonomous operations.

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Recordings from our experts


Gino Hernandez, Head of Global Digital Business, ABB Energy Industries



IT-OT Cyber Security convergence – Models for Success


Colin Ward, Senior Vice President, Chemicals and Refining, ABB Energy Industries



Decarbonizing heavy industry in gigaton scale – ABB and Coolbrook






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