ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Fingerprint

Identify critical control system vulnerabilities

Cyber Security Fingerprint provides customers with an in-depth site survey that combines information from an ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Benchmark control system asset risk review with insights from plant personnel to generate detailed reports about the control system and the effectiveness and status of existing cyber security measures. The survey output is analyzed by ABB experts, who report the results and suggest improvements.

Like our Cyber Security Benchmark, Cyber Security Fingerprint is vendor-agnostic, meaning it can be applied to any vendor’s control system. By gathering data from system configurations and through interviews with key plant personnel, ABB experts are able to flag critical control system vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Fingerprint focuses on three key areas:

· Procedures and protocols

· Group security policies

· Server and workstation settings

The data collected is run through proprietary analysis tools. ABB security experts analyze and compare results to control system security best practices, industry standards for cyber security and key security indicators. The resulting report provides detailed recommendations to reduce cyber security vulnerabilities by developing a focused and sustainable security strategy.

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