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ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Benchmark

Collect data to identify areas of your control system vulnerable to security breaches

The ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Benchmark uses non-invasive data gathering techniques and provides operators with a color-coded report highlighting improvement areas, providing an instant overview of your control system’s current ability to handle a cyber attack.

If you don’t know what you have, you can’t protect it …

By gathering information about security polices, protocols, software, patches, end-point protection and system configuration settings, the Cyber Security Benchmark service provides you with a roadmap so you can focus cyber security efforts on your most vulnerable systems first.

All of this information is then uploaded into ABB’s automated analysis engine to determine a basic overall cyber security readiness of the workstations and servers on the system. In order to accelerate understanding, decision making and problem solving, the results are presented in an intuitive easy-to-understand “stoplight” report. System KPIs, represented by three colors – red, yellow and green -- indicate high, medium or low risk.

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