Workbench Tools

ABB Workbench Tools provide the data mining and analysis necessary to understand and correct issues that impact availability, quality and productivity.

With the extensive data made available by today’s automation systems, locating the exact information you need to resolve problems can be challenging.

ABB Workbench Tools are stand-alone software packages, integrated with ABB ServicePort, that enable effective data collection, analysis and control tuning.

These powerful technical tools are designed to collect large volumes of data and produce quick, accurate analyses. The tools can be licensed to both ABB field service engineers and customers for their use.

These tools are not for sale, but are available via engagements for ABB Optimization Services.



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Collection Tools
Analysis Tools
These tools collect and store data from multiple sources on automation systems during specified monitoring periods. Some software is flexible enough to gather data from ABB and non-ABB control systems.

When an unexpected event occurs, the tools provide data collected both before and after the event, so users have all the information they need for analysis.

Collection tools include:

  • DataLogger
  • High-Speed Data Collector
  • Tuning Number Extractor
  • QCS History Tool
  • Service Tool Kit for System 800xA
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Norske Shell
These tools connect you to expertise ABB has built over decades of process automation experience in a wide range of industries.

Based on proprietary algorithms, Analysis Tools automatically compare data gathered by the Collection Tools with best practices, factory presets and optimal values.

Analysis tools include:

  • Cross-Direction Analyzer
  • Control Utilization Analyzer
  • Data Manager
  • Harmony Performance Analyzer
  • Loop Performance Analyzer
  • LoopTune
  • Machine-Direction Analyzer


  • Machine-Direction Simulator
  • Security Analyzer
  • Sequence Analyzer
  • Paper Machine Sensor Analyzer
  • Paper Machine Transition Analyzer
  • Paper Machine VPA Analyzer


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