OPC Server Data Logger DL 200

The OPC Server Data Logger DL 200 is a Microsoft®.NET application that provides data logging from OPC servers.

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  • Conforms to OPC standards
    • Supports OPC DA V1 and later
    • Log all OPC-supported data types
  • Access data from different OPC vendors
    • Log data from OPC servers on the network
    • Log data from multiple servers at the same time
  • Log scalar and array data 
  • Run multiple logging sessions with different tags in each session
  • Support multiple logging start-stop conditions
    • Manual
    • Time
    • Number of samples
    • Multiple OPC tag value condition statement

  • Provide data buffering before the logging start events, which is beneficial for root cause analysis
    • Sheet break
    • Grade change
    • Process value exceeding an limit
    • High variability in a process value


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