Variability Partition Analyzer VPA200

The Variability Partition Analyzer VPA200 is a Microsoft® .NET application that provides a powerful means of analyzing Variability Partition Analysis data and extracting meaningful information regarding the overall performance of your production equipment production equipment.

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  • Quickly analyze several months data
  • Batch mode operation allows reading in stored data files from a variety of sources
  • No limit on the amount of data that can be analyzed
  • Group data according to production equipment conditions
  • Only control data from similar production lots
  • Configurable groupings allow multiple views of the same data
  • Perform multiple analysis sessions
  • Multiple analysis sessions can be performed on a common set of data
  • Compare production equipment performance before and after upgrades and component replacement
  • Compare data from multiple production lines
  • Production equipment comparison report allows VPA data from different production lines to be easily compared
  • Comparison of all plant production equipment allows an easy method to identify the greatest improvement opportunities 


  • Generated reports allow the results to be easily disseminated throughout the organization.


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