Real Progress is helping the Mining industry through the energy transition

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Our holistic framework eMine™ is empowering the conversion of fossil fuel mines to all-electric. Combined with energy efficient technologies for deep vertical ore haulage and grinding, we are optimizing the use of power while reducing greennhouse gas emissions in real time.

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Did you know?

If every truck in every mine
were electrified, every day
we could remove

198,000 tons

of CO2 from the air we breathe

Electrifying a single mining truck can help save the coral reefs by lowering the ocean’s CO2 absorption by up to

1,000 tons

a year.

Electrifying a single mining truck eliminates enough CO2 emissions per year to save

3,000 m2

of arctic ice.

Electrifying a single mining truck eliminates the same amount of CO2 emissions per year that it would take


trees to absorb.

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