A more measured world of water

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ABB understands the increasing challenges that the wastewater industry is facing as a result of environmental concerns. 

Our Measurement &Analytics water portfolio is designed to be easily configurable and integrated, to handle the unique demands of the industry, driving highest levels of efficiency and reliability with more than 100 years’ of innovation and domain expertise.


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By 2050, urban populations will need 50% more fresh water. But demand for water will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40% by 2030. That’s why optimizing your complete infrastructure today is critical to meeting demand tomorrow.

Water is a global issue. It’s a personal, political and economic one too. But most importantly, it’s a finite resource. Decisions made today—whether at an individual, plant, country or global level—will have widespread impact. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

That’s why smart measurement is critical to the water industry. Whether it’s improving efficiency levels, investing in infrastructure or driving innovation, one thing is certain: accuracy matters, digital technology is important and your supplier’s expertise is critical.

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A more measured world of water—water report

The water industry is in flux. Increasing scarcity and growing demand are turning up the pressure on water utilities providers. This report explores the biggest issues facing the industry today to help you make informed decisions that will determine what happens tomorrow.

Download the ‘A more measured world of water’ report and discover:

  • The solution to sustainable consumption
  • How to meet more stringent quality controls
  • Practical cost reduction strategies to apply now

From reducing leakage to investing in efficiency, what does the future hold for the water industry and the world?

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With the pressure of water scarcity and growing global demands, water and wastewater processors are increasingly recognizing the power and value of data to monitor and manage their infrastructure.

Discover how ABB Measurement & Analytics’ helped facilities gain the accuracy, stability and reliability their infrastructure demands.

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