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Electrical ​rotary actuator
PME120-AI/-AN (Contrac)

Compact actuator for the operation of final control elements with rotary movement. For continuous positioning, rated torque 100 Nm (80 lbf-ft). The actuator thrust rod transfers the force directly to the final control element.

Fieldbus & HART


 General specifications: 
  • With integrated electronic unit or for use with separate electronic unit 
  • Process optimization thanks to maximum control precision
  • Maintenance-free up to 10 years
  • Electrical actuator for continuous positioning, three-point position control, or bus control
  • Stallproof without the need for position- or torque-dependent shut-off
  • Adjustable mechanical limit stops for defined operating range
  • Handwheel for emergency operation

Find out more about the electronic units:
Field installation EAN823
Mounting rack installation EAS822


  • Rated speed
    –  20 to 60 s/90°
  • Operating angle
     –  min 35° / max. 300° 

Fieldbus & HART – Contrac

ABB’s freedom of choice offers the right driver for the major fieldbus protocols suitable for ABB devices.
The version matrix document shows for each protocol the software revision that’s compatible to the hardware and firmware revision of the device.

Software and documentation:

Stand-alone tool:
ABB offers software tools that use the listed drivers in the table above for your device configuration and monitoring requirements. Read more & download

Fieldbus solutions:
ABB offers a wide range of fieldbus products, accessories, tools, support documentations, applications and news. Read more


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