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Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems
Inferential Modeling Platform (IMP)

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) are software-based solutions able to provide reliable and accurate real-time emission estimations. PEMS exploit advanced mathematical models, which use process parameters (e.g. pressure, temperatures, flow, etc.) as input variables.



Depending on the local environmental regulations, PEMS can be adopted as:

  • Back-up of the traditional analytical instrumentation in order to increase the operating availability of the existing emission monitoring infrastructure
  • Primary monitoring source for emission values.

ABB Inferential Modeling Platform (IMP) is the software platform tailored for model creation and online deployment at site. IMP allows connecting with any control system through standard OPC protocol, acquiring real-time process data and generating emission estimations.

IMP flexibility allows to make emission values available to the plant control system and/or to transfer them to the emission data acquisition system.


Model-based emission monitoring provides a number of unique features and advantages:

  • PEMS are an effective and competitive alternative to traditional hardware-based instrumentation, able to monitor the most common air pollutant emissions as CO2, NOx, SO2, CO, etc.
  • PEMS are compliant to international environmental regulations and standards.
  • As a back-up of existing analytical instrumentation, PEMS are able to identify possible malfunctioning, providing an alternative measurement when maintenance on the analyzers is performed.
  • PEMS can be interfaced directly with the control system without the installation of any additional component.
  • They provide an overview on the process, highlighting anomalies and providing a preliminary evaluation of emission excess.
  • Predictive systems do not require any specific maintenance.
  • No need for consumable and spare parts.


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