Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

Accurate, regulatory-compliant, machine learning solution cutting initial investment and lifecycle costs 

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems are software-based solutions able to deliver reliable real-time emission estimations exploiting advanced mathematical or statistical models. 

PEMS provide accurate emission monitoring, drastically reducing the capital investment and ongoing operating costs due to maintenance activities and spare parts, minimizing the interferences with plant operations. PEMS allows plant owners and operators a better control on costs, neglecting unexpected costs due to unpredicted issues in the conventional hardware analyzers.

PEMS can help you in achieving regulatory compliance applied: 

  • As a primary source without investing in CEMS hardware 

  • As a cost-effective backup of existing CEMS, increasing availability. 

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PEMS exploits advanced mathematical models, which use process parameters (e.g. pressure, temperatures, flow, etc.) as input variables in order to estimate the most common air pollutant emissions (e.g. NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, etc.). 

ABB proprietary software Inferential Modeling Platform (IMP) has been designed and tailored in order to meet specific PEMS standards and requirements prescribed by latest environmental legislation. 

IMP provides advanced Sensor Validation (SV) algorithms specifically developed by ABB to enhance PEMS reliability and resilience to failures in input variables (e.g. drift in a field sensor) and Model Integrity Test (MIT) functionality to ensure model consistency over time.

Model-based emission monitoring provides a number of unique features and advantages:

  • PEMS are compliant and accepted by international environmental regulations and standards. 

  • Increase emission data availability up to 99.5% 

  • PEMS can be interfaced directly with plant control systems without the installation of any additional components  

  • As a back-up of existing CEMS, PEMS are able to identify possible malfunctioning, providing an alternative measurement when the analyzers are in maintenance 

  • They do not require specific consumable and spare parts optimizing the complete lifecycle cost 

  • PEMS do not require the complex and difficult-to-maintain infrastructure in order to collect the sample at stack, handle and process  

  • PEMS are a non-invasive technology that can be easily integrated at site in a standard server PC, optimizing overall footprint and space 

  • Quick and easy implementation and integration at site with minimal disturbance to plant operations. 

  • They provide an overview on the process, highlighting anomalies and providing a preliminary evaluation of emission excess

  • A state-of-the-art cyber secure solution giving you peace of mind.


ABB software for PEMS – Inferential Modeling Platform – is an agile tool which provides a seamless integration with plant control systems by means of standard OPC protocol. IMP can deliver emission values to the plant control systems and/or transfer them to the emission data acquisition system. 

The following minimum requirements shall be considered for IMP implementation at site: 

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 (extended support), Windows Server 2016 & Windows Server 2019
  • Hardware:
    • Quad Core processor 1,5 GHz or above
    • 8 GB Ram
    • 60 GB Hard Disk Free
  • Software:
    • Microsoft .NET
    • Microsoft Excel


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