High temperature combustion gas oxygen analyzer
Endura AZ25

The Endura AZ25 is an in situ combustion gas oxygen analyzer system designed for use in high temperature applications > 600 degrees C.



The sensor, based on a zirconium oxide cell, is mounted at the tip of the probe that is inserted into the furnace or flue duct. The resulting direct, in situ measurement provides accurate and rapid oxygen reading for combustion optimization, process control and furnace atmosphere monitoring.


  • Proven design and precision manufacturing
    – Robust, long-life probe for process temperatures up to 1400 °C (1292 °F)
    – Stable and accurate oxygen measurement
  • Automatic calibration system
    – Controls test gas sequence, flow rate and test gas detection.
  • Probe lengths up to 1250 mm (49 inches) and choice of protective sheath materials
    – Configurable to suit application conditions
  • Industry-standard flanges
    – Simplifies installation
  • Advanced transmitters
    – Easy configuration, monitoring and intuitive HMI
    – HART communications
    – Cell performance logging and diagnostics


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