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Biodiesel analyzer

The MB3600-CH30 is an accurate, easy-to-use analyzer for determining biodiesel properties in final product and mid-batch biodiesel samples from vegetable oil transesterification reactors. It uses a simple transmission sampling method with disposable glass vials. Application methods and calibrations can therefore be built quickly on-site based on typical production run samples.



The MB3600-CH30 uses Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy to analyze biodiesel samples. It can provide a rapid determination of mono- di- and tri-glyceride content, residual methanol, methyl ester % and other quality parameters in biodiesel for finished product screening and end-point determination in biodiesel reactors.

The MB3600-CH30 Laboratory FT-NIR Analyzer is designed and configured for routine biodiesel analysis and for easy calibration modeling and method preparation. It includes all the hardware, software and accessories required for both biodiesel measurement and chemometrics method deve



The ABB MB3600-CH30 FT-NIR laboratory biodiesel analyzer is supplied with starter calibrations for key biodiesel properties. The simple sampling method using disposable glass sample vials, the short measurement time (about 1 minute) and the sensitivity of the FT-NIR analyzer allows for easy on-site calibration and method development.

  • MB3600-CH30 results are totally traceable to the reference method and the calibrations are stable, rugged and transferable.
  • Rugged design and construction combined with superior manufacturing methods guarantee unsurpassed analyzer stability.
  • Results obtained in less than 2 minutes, with simultaneous analysis of multiple biodiesel properties. Easy-to-use, operator friendly, with very low cost of analysis.
  • Simplified sampling using heated disposable glass vials – no clean up between samples – means it is very easy to run large sample batches.
  • Higher analytical precision (increased repeatability, reproducibility and stability) compared with standard wet chemical methods.
  • Very little training required for use by plant personnel in a routine operations environment.
  • Extensively field proven for the rapid development of custom site specific FT-NIR analytical methods.

Biodiesel Process Optimization
The demand for quality biodiesel products to meet mandated levels of biodiesel incorporation into the diesel transport fuel pool places a heavy load on the biodiesel industry, to control and optimize what is essentially a difficult, small-to-medium scale batch chemical conversion process. The production of biodiesel involves the transesterification of vegetable oil (or similar) feedstocks with methanol in the presence of a base catalyst. The reaction requires careful control and monitoring to reach a satisfactory end-point.

Rapid Biodiesel Analysis for Production Monitoring
The ABB MB3600-CH30 FT-NIR laboratory biodiesel analyzer is the ideal tool for quick sample analysis for production monitoring. Biodiesel samples can be taken from the process during batch or semi-continuous production and rapidly analyzed for key biodiesel properties and contaminants. Also final B100 products can be screened for product quality to assist with fast detection of process issues.

Guaranteed Laboratory-to-Process Calibration Transfer
ABB has developed manufacturing methods which ensure that all of our laboratory and process FT-NIR analyzers are highly stable, have a highly linear photometric response, and provide identical absorbance spectra. This guarantees calibration transferability from lab to process without any additional calibration efforts or data manipulation.


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