Heavy oils analyzer

The MB3600-HP12 heavy oils analyzer is a rugged and high performance industrial FT-NIR spectrometer for R&D and QA/QC applications on heavy hydrocarbon applications.

These include crude oil assay, marine fuel oil quality determination, vacuum gasoil and heavy vacuum gasoil feed to heavy oil upgrading units and other hydrocarbon sample measurements where sample handling adapted to heavy products is required.



The MB3600-HP12 is a maintenance-free bench-top analyser enabling fast determination (less than 2 minutes measurement time) of several quality properties in heavy hydrocarbons. It is equipped with a variety of sample cell and sample introduction options to facilitate easy measurement of heavy samples.

It is intended for use by refinery quality control, R&D and plant laboratories for method development for crude oil assay and crude blending applications, heavy oil upgrader unit feeds such as FCC & HCK units, as well as in the QA laboratories associated with crude oil and marine fuel oil movements and shipping.

This analyzer comes with the complete Horizon MB suite of ABB laboratory FT-NIR software so it is fully enabled and ready for sample measurement, method development and calibration modelling.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Extremely low-maintenance
  • Rugged and intuitive user interface
  • Calibration wizard for method development
  • Simple transfer of developed calibrations to other ABB laboratory and process FT-NIR analyzers
  • State-of-the-art analytical performance
  • Suitable for the development of multi-property, multi-stream calibrations such as Distillation, True Boiling Points, Kinematic Viscosity, API Gravity, TAN


The MB3600-HP12 heavy oils analyzer allows the opportunity to develop calibrations with reproducibility, and once in place they allow for very rapid, high-precision sample assays in a fraction of the time of the standard laboratory test. This enables the crude oil, bunker fuel, heavy oil unit feed or other stream qualities to be made available in a timely and useful manner for quality release or downstream process setup and optimization. For example in crude blending, the blend quality can be determined prior to committing to the crude distillation column feed.

FT-NIR spectroscopy has a significant advantage for the development of calibrations and the analysis of dark, heavy oil or crude oil samples because the data quality in the long-wavelength near-infrared, accessible at high signal-to-noise ratio using FT-NIR instruments, allows the measurement of black samples (such as crude oil) with equal quality as compared with simple light, white hydrocarbons such as gasoline. In the long-wave near-infrared gasoline and crude oil are equally transparent.

Using the MB3600-HP12 laboratory FT-NIR heavy oils analyzer, applications and calibration models for a variety of important crude oil and heavy oil parameters can be prepared and implemented for routine QA / QC operation.

Example Oil Properties

  • True Boiling Point (correlated with ASTM D2892 or SimDist)
  • TAN
  • API Gravity
  • T90, T95 (correlated with ASTM D86)
  • Kinematic Viscosity (KV40, KV100)
  • E350
  • Flash Point
  • Conradson Carbon

Technical details

  • Standard cell pathlength 0.5mm (4,000-5,000cm-1 recommended calibration range)
  • Option for 2mm pathlength (5,500-7,500cm-1) and 5mm (6,500-9,500cm-1 recommended calibration ranges)
  • Standard FT-NIR spectrometer platform (MB3600) for range 3,750-10,000cm-1
  • Option for Mid-IR version for range 650-6,000cm-1, 0.2mm pathlength cell.


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