FT-NIR analyzer for pharmaceutical industry

MB3600-PH is a FT-NIR spectrometer for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries designed for QA/QC, research and development and at-line PAT Applications.



Since 1997, ABB has supplied the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries with high performance analytical instruments that have an established reputation for performance and reliability.

This heritage is now being continued with the MB3600-PH, a versatile Fourier transform near-infrared (FT-NIR) benchtop analyzer that can be fitted with a variety of accessories for accurate measurements on a broad range of applications in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. It is the optimal solution for applications such as:

  • Laboratory QA/QC analysis
  • Raw material identification and qualification
  • Research and development
  • NIR method development
  • At-line PAT measurements

The MB3600-PH analyzer can be used as a benchtop instrument (QA/QC or research laboratory) but also as a mobile unit on a stainless steel movable cart - with an uninterrupted power supply option - for applications in the warehouse or dispensary (raw material identification and qualification) and for at-line PAT applications.

The MB3600-PH is virtually maintenance-free and features a user-friendly software interface that enables operations in a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant mode. The MB3600-PH represents the ultimate combination of performance, reliability and ease of use.


A brand new interferometer design is at the core of the MB3600-PH. This new design is extremely modular and compact and is combined with a unique patented 24-bit sampling algorithm for optimal dynamic range.

The MB3600-PH has a single output port for optical efficiency maximization. As a result, it offers an outstanding spectroscopic performance characterized by a signal-to-noise ratio that is simply the best on the market: > 100,000:1 root-mean-square at peak response (16 cm-1 resolution, 60 s acquisition) for the DTGS detector, > 600,000:1 for the InGaAs detector. 

The permanently aligned optics with a Jacquinot stop in the interferometer output beam ensure an accurate and stable line shape as well as wavelength and resolution stability. The 100% line spectral repeatability permits reliable determination of small spectral features down to below 10 micro absorbance with the DTGS detector and 2 micro-absorbance with the InGaAs detector. The MB3600-PH is provided with a highly accurate internal wavelength calibration standard and exhibits an outstanding frequency accuracy (< 0.06 cm-1).

Overall, the level of quality of the MB3600-PH for the key analytical figures of merit enable ABB application specialists to provide stringent guarantees of performance for transfer of calibrations, not only to another MB3600-PH, but also to other ABB FT-NIR analyzers (laboratory or process). 

Spectroscopic performance (typical at 25 °C)
Spectral range:
– 3,700 to 15,000 cm-1 with DTGS detector
– 3,900 to 11,000 cm-1 with extended-InGaAs detector
– Resolution better than 0.7 cm-1
– Apodized resolution adjustable 1 cm-1 to 64 cm-1, in increments of 2
– Root-mean-square signal-to-noise ratio (60 s, 16 cm-1, at peak response):
– > 100,000:1 with DTGS detector
– > 600,000:1 with extended-InGaAs detector
– Signal sampling: 24-bit ADC
– Short-term stability (@ 8000 cm-1): < 0.09 %
– Temperature stability (@ 8000 cm-1): < 1 % per °C
– Frequency repeatability (@ 7300 cm-1): < 0.006 cm-1
– Frequency accuracy (@ 7300 cm-1): < 0.06 cm-1
– Absorbance reproducibility (measured on spectroscopic grade toluene): < 0.002 AU

The instrument delivers consistent, precise and reproducible results year after year, from unit to unit. Because we know that in a highly regulated environment, reproducible spectroscopy is the key. 




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