TALYS ADP300 series

 Dual channel wet process analyzer


Affordable high-performance wet bath monitoring analyzer addressing semiconductor industry needs. This dual channel analysis system, is a state-of-the-art analyzer suited for real-time, batch-type, or single-wafer tool monitoring of wet etching, cleaning, or photoresist (PR) removal processes.



The TALYS ADP300 series is an evolution of the well known and proven TALYS ASP300 single-channel analysis system, but with improved key performances and two simultaneous measurements.

It provides semiconductor, FPD, and solar-cell manufacturing with superior performance at a cost suitable for today’s tightening budgets.

The dual channel analysis system, is a state-of-the-art analyzer suited for real-time, batch-type, or single-wafer tool monitoring of wet etching, cleaning, or photoresist (PR) removal processes. This low cost, high-performance wet bath monitor allows real-time measurement at process temperature with unique non-contact sampling system design enabling real time dosing and end of bath alerts (no delay time due to sample conditioning).                                                                                                                                                                             

Features and benefits

  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Minimal footprint
  • Measures two sampling points simultaneously
  • One single analyzer suitable for measuring multiple chemistries with on-the fly calibration switching
  • Unique sampling accessory (ClippIR+) enables non-intrusive measurements and allows system installation without stopping and modifying the tool.
  • Low maintenance cost: light source to be replaced only every 5 years

Flexibility and performance

This reliable analyzer offers the standard RCA cleaning suite bath prediction configuration. Its flexibility permits bath configuration changes for monitoring chemistry from solar-cell, FPD, and semiconductor manufacturing.

TALYS performance permits equipment operators and engineers to reduce chemical usage and minimize excursion events with real-time bath component predictions.


The patented ClippIR+
The ABB sample interface is a unique cell that has no wetted parts. It is easy to install. Just clip it on to an existing 1˝, 3⁄4˝, 1⁄2˝ or 3⁄8˝ PFA tube. The ClippIR is constructed of Teflon™ and connected to TALYS via Teflon™ protected fiber-optic cables. The bath cannot be contaminated.

ABB’s ClippIR probe aids in simplifying the installation because it is not necessary to shut down the tool, existing tubing does not require any modifications and the no-wetted parts sampling eliminates the risk of contamination. Unlike titrators, there are no reagent vessels to fill or routine analyzer “zeroing” procedures.


Multiple chemistries at two sample points
The TALYS ADP300 analyzer can quickly measure multiple chemistries for two sample points simultaneously. Automatic bath selection via Modbus TCP outputs from the tool permits real-time selection of the desired bath chemistry prediction routine.

When monitoring more than one bath chemistry on a tool, there is no need for a hardware change, no need for multiple analyzers and no need for manual intervention resulting in a sizable cost savings at the FAB. Imagine one analyzer measuring a delivery tube for SC1, SC2, BOE, BHF, DHF and ST-250 without manual intervention, all controlled by the tool PC.

Monitoring recirculation a bath

ABB ASP310_TALYS illustration Monitoring a recirculation bath-1

    If a technology update requires a new chemistry on the same production tool, TALYS can be upgraded in the FAB via a file received in your email.

    Monitoring on-the-fly chemical usage

    ABB ASP310_TALYS illustration Monitoring on the fly chemical usage2


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