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Process software

The FTSW100 Process software is used to measure process sample streams using analytical data extracted from ABB’s FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers. The process software provides unique customer benefits, such as analytical methods, control sequences and  process monitoring.





FTSW100 Process Software has been designed for implementation of analytical methods and control sequences. An overview of features and benefits for FTSW100 includes:

    • Autonomous operation used in continuous mode with sequential acquisition of data, analysis, and reporting
    • Comprehensive console interface for display of status, concentrations and trending, I/O status, history, and reporting
    • Automated analysis of chemical properties within a process sample stream supporting various chemometric algorithms such as peak height/area, Horizon, PLS plus, PLS IQ, SIMCA, and Unscrambler predictors
    • Extensive diagnostics to monitor status for process stream and analyzer
    • Configurable and flexible interface with external I/O devices to send or receive digital and analog data supporting a variety of protocols such as OPC, ModBus RTU (slave), ModBus TCP (client and server), CanOpen
    • Remote access option network link (TeamViewer)
    • Intelligent tools for data exportation, reporting and archiving
    • Configurable settings for logic sequence to allow end need customization
    • CFR 21 part 11 compliant
    • Full database management for configuration and measurement results




FTSW100 is a complete software solution for spectrometer based process monitoring and control.

FTSW100 performs fully automated acquisition, analysis, I/O control, and reporting of analytical results related to a process stream. The analysis of components within a process stream is accomplished by chemometric analysis of infrared data acquired from ABB FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers. The data for status and component concentration is relayed to a local display and/or to an external control system or controller via I/O interface supporting standard protocols such as: OPC, ModBus RTU (slave), ModBus TCP (client and server), CanOpen.


The modular architecture for the FTSW100 Process Software provides a solid robust foundation for critical 24/7 analytical needs. The configuration is done specifically for an intended application with acquisition, analysis, sequence, and I/O interface defined. The AppServer is the core to FTSW100 with integration to the configuration and results databases, user console interface, FT-IR or FT-NIR spectrometer, and I/O interface.


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